Recipe cards

Kam Heong has the influence of the Malay and Chinese cooking.  A dry dish which can be made mild or as hot as you want depending on the amount of chillies that you use.

I’ve used Sakinah’s Gulai paste to cook my version of Kam Heong. It’s Vegan and utterly scrumptious!


This dish is cooked using Sakinah’s Kuzi paste and such a crowd pleaser. It’s mild but very flavoursome.

Okay it takes time to roast all the veggies but trust me, it’s so worth it. 

I absolute love seafood in spice! This curried mussels is cooked using Sakinah’s Pesamah paste. You only need to add some lemongrass and you’ll get an explosion of flavours.  100% worth a try!

I’ve used Sakinah’s Masak Merah paste in this North African dish. Cinnamon, fennel and tomato in the paste compliment the dish very well. 

A fusion that works! I love almost ALL of Japanese food. When I first thought of using Sakinah’s Kuzi paste in Okonomiyaki, I felt uncertain.

However, thank goodness that I did! The balance of sweet and savoury in the Kuzi paste works wonder in this pancake.

I admit that I am a tofu fan and I do not hesitate to use Sakinah’s Gulai paste in this dish. 

A hearty vegan dish and it’s simply delicious!

I adore the freshness of Brazillian cuisines and I thought my Pesamah paste would go so well in this Coconut Fish.

It’s zingy and creamy with a touch of heat. It’s perfect! Can be enjoyed by the whole family.